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What is Okta ?


Okta provides Single Sign-On (SSO) in the cloud & on-premise environment with integration to applications, directories, and identity management systems.

Okta Single Sign-On (SSO):

Okta features include Provisioning, Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD) and LDAP integration, the centralized de-provisioning of users, multi-factor authentication (MFA), mobile identity management, and flexible policies for organization security and control.

Okta as an IDP FLOW with miniOrange:

Our SAML broker service will act as a Service Provider to Okta Identity Provider. And you don’t have to worry about understanding SAML protocol at all. It can work not only with Okta but also covers ADFS, salesforce, SimpleSamlPhp, Shibboleth, PING, RSA, Centrify, One Login, miniOrange or any other SAML identity provider (Idp). This SAML service returns all the attributes provided by the IdP along with the username of the logged in user. You can then use these attributes to log in the user into your application. You can connect n number of applications with Okta identity provider to provide single sign-on (SSO).
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Features of miniOrange as an Identity Broker

1) Better Authentication: Authenticate your users via an external database or API. Suppose you want to keep your users in WordPress only and do not want to move them. But since WordPress is not an IDP. You can use miniOrange as a broker to authenticate via the WordPress database and miniOrange will do session management.
2) Supports Cross-Protocol: This helps you to perform SSO into any application by authenticating via IDP supporting any protocol.
3) Provide Connectors:  miniOrange provides connectors for many platforms/cms which do not support single sign-on to enable SSO in them like WordPress, Atlassian, Joomla, Drupal, etc. miniOrange enforce a minimum annual contract charge along with user subscription for the features you are using.

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