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Technical comparison of miniOrange with Cyberark Idaptive and Thales Safenet

Feature Cyberark Idaptive Thales Safenet miniOrange
Monitoring and reporting Special Monitoring is most valuable feature and Reporting could have been better Reporting could be improved. Need to run multiple reports to get information. A custom reporting tool would be a massive improvement to the product Monitor all the login and registration activities on your site. Easy to find and keep track of your users in the audit reports with the help of advanced search filters.
Update/Upgrades Product version end-of-support date will be 3 years from version release - Continuous Update/Upgrades will be available for both Cloud as well as On-Premise.
Pricing Flexibility Good value for the price. Although initial product cost is a little on the higher side, which might turn off small & medium enterprises A bit pricey. Customer service, renewals need improvement. Integration with other websites and applications lacking Best in the Market
Ease of Deployment It has a lot of hardware/software requirements for the initial setup, which might make the rollout timeline a little lengthy. Ease of deployment is a little complex Quick & Easy Installation. Product functionality supports market standards
Ease of Integration using Documentation Better documentation needed with more examples for the configuration files and API/REST integration The documentation and support are great. Rapid integration and ability to configure for messaging and integration Step-by-step detailed guide available for more than 5000 apps integrations as well as out-of-the-box integration with popular directories like AD, Azure, GSuite, etc.
Quality of Technical Support The technical support is good Need more attention to customer service quality and reliability history Reliable and Efficient support available at low costs
MFA Enables the storage of passwords in one place without being stored on notepads. It integrates with Okta SSO for an additional layer of security Simple and easy to use solution for multi-factor authentication. Best for MFA comparatively 15+ MFA methods. Provides full MFA security even in Offline mode
Initial setup Errors during the initial setup could be an issue. Need to improve the implementation experience and to remove errors from the process Set up is easy along multi factor authentication configuration as well Easy initial setup with Flexible and simple licensing model. Supports cloud as well as On-Premise solution.
Single Sign-On Best suited for Privileged Account Security. Poor admin management, Browser extension is a weakness. Provides SSO but is completely Cloud based and doesn’t support on-premise Support for all modern protocols like SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT including older protocols like CAS, WS-FED, RADIUS for authentication
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