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Success Stories

Secure MFA Solution for DBS

Having two separate Intranets spread across different physical locations, DBS were looking to protect access to resources inside the Intranet using...


Secure MFA Solution for PNB

While PNB had a private network for these applications, they had no additional authentication mechanism to validate the user identity of the employees ...


SSO and MFA Solution for GEA

Owing to this threat, GEA decided to look for a solution to add a Second Factor of Authentication for its resources, so that any...

Clarity Benefit Solutions

Single Sign On (SSO) Solution for Clarity Benefit Solutions

Clarity Benefit Solutions was looking for a safe and secure way to access their resources...


Single Sign On (SSO) for Emirates Transport

The Emirates Transport Oracle EBS instance, however, was integrated with multiple other applications...

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Single Sign-On for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

They wanted to perform SSO for CMS, which has multiple apps like Jira, WordPress including Drupal websites...


Secure SSO Solution for Senwave

Senwave wanted to expand its business by integrating as many e-commerce vendors and applications as possible. To do so, they needed...

University of Aruba

Windows Single Sign On for University of Aruba

They wanted Windows SSO solution, which allows students and staff to SSO into their day to day applications in or off the university premises...


Single Sign-On (SSO) for Maaco

Maaco wanted a centralized IAM system to perform SSO solution to all users to log into Adobe Captivate Prime seamlessly...


Single Sign On (SSO) for Nvidia

Nvidia wanted to allow users to log into Adobe Captivate Prime using their existing Nvidia accounts and manage active accounts via...

al nahdi

Single Sign On (SSO) for Al Nahdi

Nahdi wanted to use SSO and they were using Siebel CRM but, it does not support any protocol for Single Sign On (SSO)...

FixTrading Community

Single Sign On (SSO) for FIXTrading Community

FIXTrading Community wanted to have a central place for user management along with Single Sign-On with a simple and intuitive UI Interface...

Pharmaceutical State License Service

Single Sign On for A US Pharmaceutical State License Service

Pharmaregs wanted a centralized single sign-on solution for their portal and for their other apps like harefile, SmartSheet, Freshdesk, etc...

e-learning platfoem

Single Sign-On (SSO) for E-learning Platform

They wanted to perform SSO for their E-Learning platform using CAS (Central Authentication Service). CAS is a ticket-based SSO protocol...

Panacea Biotec

Secure SSO and MFA Solution for Panacea Biotec

Panacea Biotec was looking to implement SSO and MFA for MS365 apps hosted behind Netskope and Valgenesis applications using Active Directory Credentials....


Secure SSO Solution for Pelephone

Pelephone wanted a secure and seamless SSO solution for Oracle EBS to manage multiple instances of the same application, across multiple environments.

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