How To Configure Custom SMS Gateway in miniorange IDP?

Check out our list of supported SMS gateways here: Supported SMS Gateways.
You can always contact for adding your own gateway or if you need help with any SMS Gateway integration.

Follow the steps below to configure the Custom SMS Gateway in miniOrange IDP:

  • Log in to the miniOrange dashboard.
  • Go to 2-Factor Authentication and click on Configure your SMS gateway
  • 2-Factor Authentication app
  • Configure the SMS gateway using the following parameters:
  • Parameter Description
    Method Select the supported method for the gateway
    SMS Gateway URL Enter the SMS gateway URL of SMS gateway
    Authentication Type Select the header authentication type(Authentication type is the method to authenticate the user as per the SMS gateway requirements).
  • If you face any issues while finding the SMS gateway URL, please contact us at
  • Enter the Phone number and click on test configuratiion.
  • Enter the OTP sent in the SMS and click on validate to validate your phone number
  • Click on Save button to save the configurations.
  • custom sms gateway setup
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