Steps to setup Secure Browser SSO Apps

For web applications that do not provide support for federated single sign-on, miniOrange provides Secure Single-Sign on browser plugins for SSO. Here, it is enabled on an application, where end-users see an icon on their home pages and browsers, through this users can set and update their credentials. ( In the secure store for that application only). miniOrange supports all browser extension:

  • miniOrange Secure Single Sign-On Plugins for SSO support all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Browser plugin a secure driven post to the application login page, signing in the user automatically on their behalf. - The plug-in does not store the credentials anywhere and they are discarded once the user has signed into the application.
  • Users' credentials are stored in an encrypted format by using AES encryption with the combination of a customer-specific private key. When a user clicks the application icon, miniOrange securely posts the username/password to the app login page over SSL and the user is automatically logged in.

Step 1: Configure app in miniOrange

  • Login as a customer from the Admin Console.
  • Go to Apps >> Manage Apps. Click the Configure Apps button.
  • Click on the Browser Add-On/Form Post tab. And select the App from the pre-defined apps list. If Your app is not on the list, follow Step 2 else skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Create Custom App in miniOrange (Optional)

  • Click Add Custom App
  • add custom Browser SSO Apps
  • Configure your app. Add app name, Login page URL, Select Type as SIMPLE_LOGIN, Add QuerySelectors for Username, Password and Sign-in/Login Button. (Click here to learn more about QuerySelectors. or reach out to us @ for help).
  • example fb Browser SSO Apps
    App Type Description
    SIMPLE LOGIN When its a Simple form with Username, password and a button to Login
    LOGIN_WITH_DOMAIN When along with username and password, there is another field that requires (constant like account id or domain) input
    LOGIN_AFTER_CLICK When the login form loads after a button click only.
    LOGIN_SECOND_PAGE When username and password are on separate pages.
    LOGIN_WITH_PRE_CLICK When a click is required before submitting the form.
  • Your App is now added in List.
  • locate Browser SSO Apps

Step 3: Activate the App

  • Select Group name as default.
  • If each user has a different username and password for the app, admin should choose an Individual Login Account option, so that users can save their username and password from the user portal themselves.
  • If multiple users are allowed to access the app via the same credentials assigned by admin, admin should choose share Login Account option.
  • login account Browser SSO Apps
  • Click on the Save button.

Step 4: Configure Login Credentials

  • Go to miniOrange dashboard and select User Dashboard from the right side menu.
  • User Dashboard Browser SSO Apps
  • Scroll down on the same page under the section of configure your cloud apps section and search for your app.
  • On your app icon, you will find a setting option. Click on it and select Configure.
  • Browser SSO Apps configuration
  • Enter your Username and Password in the popup.
  • save login credential Browser SSO Apps
  • Click on Save to securely store your credentials.

Step 5: Download and Install Browser Extension.

  • Scroll up on the same page, under the SIGN-IN TO YOUR FAVOURITE CLOUD APPS section and search for your app.
  • On your app icon, click on the download symbol.
  • Browser SSO Apps CLOUD apps
    For Chrome
    • You will be redirected to add extension page. Now, click on the Add to Chrome.
    • Browser SSO Apps extention
    • Click on Add extension.
    • Browser SSO Apps add extention
    • Now, miniOrange extension is installed in your Chrome Browser.
    For Firefox
    • You will be prompted to download the miniOrange extension. Click on the Allow button.
    • Browser SSO Apps miniorange extension
    • Now, miniOrange extension is installed to your browser.
    • Browser SSO Apps installation
    For Safari
    • A pop up screen will appear asking to download miniOrange extension or else go to the download settings of safari.
    • Browser SSO Apps popup
    • Click on the miniOrange extension popup to download the extension.
    For Internet Explorer
    • A .zip will be download.
    • Extract the .zip file and open the readme.txt file.
    • Follow the instructions in the readme file to install the extension in IE.
    • Restart the IE browser

Step 6: Login to your Application via Configured App.

  • Click on the configured app in your user-dashboard to Login to your application.
  • Browser SSO Apps user dashboard
  • You will be redirected to your Application's Login page.
  • Browser SSO Apps Login page
  • The miniOrange browser SSO extension will fill your login credentials and will log you in automatically.
  • Browser SSO Apps browser sso autofill

Step 7: Embed this application link in your website/user portal.

  • Go to admin dashboard -> Apps -> search for your app -> Click on Link in Action menu against your app.
  • Browser SSO Apps menu
  • Copy the app link and paste it anywhere on your website - User portal/ Apps Dashboard /Menu, etc.
  • Browser SSO Apps dashboard