Steps to setup Secure Browser SSO Apps

For web applications that do not provide support for federated single sign-on, miniOrange provides Secure Single-Sign on browser plugins for SSO. Here, it is enabled on an application, where end users see an icon on their home pages and browsers, through this users can set and update their credentials. ( In the secure store for that application only). miniOrange supports all browser extension:

  • miniOrange Secure Single Sign-On Plugins for SSO support all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge.
  • Browser plugin a secure driven post to the application login page, signing in the user automatically on their behalf. - The plug-in does not store the credentials anywhere and they are discarded once the user has signed into the application.
  • Users credentials are stored in an encrypted format by using AES encryption with the combination of a customer-specific private key. When a user clicks the application icon, miniOrange securely posts the username/password to the app login page over SSL and the user is automatically logged in.

Step 1: Configure App in miniOrange

  • Login as a customer from Admin Console.
  • Go to Apps >> Manage Apps. Click Configure Apps button.
  • Click on Browser Add-On/Form Post tab. And select the App from the pre-defined apps list. If Your app is not in the list. Follow Step 2 or skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Create Custom App in miniOrange

  • Click Add Custom App
  • Configure your app. Add app name, Login page URl, Select Type as SIMPLE_LOGIN, Add QuerySelectors for Username, Password and Sign-in/Login Button. (Click here to learn more about QuerySelectors. or reach-out to us @ for help).
  • App Type Description
    SIMPLE LOGIN When its a Simple form with Username, password and a button to Login
    LOGIN_WITH_DOMAIN When along with username and password, there is another field that requires (constant like account id or domain) input
    LOGIN_AFTER_CLICK When the login form loads after a button click only.
    LOGIN_SECOND_PAGE When username and password are on separat pages.
    LOGIN_WITH_PRE_CLICK When a click is required before submitting the form.
  • Your App is now added in List.

Step 3: Activate the App

  • Select Group name as default.
  • If each user has a different username and password for the app, admin should choose an Individual Login Account option, so that users can save their username and password from the user portal themselves.
  • If multiple users are allowed to access the app via the same credentials assigned by admin, admin should choose share Login Account option.
  • Click on the Save button.

Step 4: Configure Login Credentials

  • Go to miniOrange dashboard and select User Dashboard from the right side menu.
  • Scroll down on the same page under the section of configure your cloud apps section and search for your app.
  • On your app icon, you will find a setting option. Click on it and select Configure.
  • Enter your Username and Password in the popup.
  • Click on Save to securely store your credentials.

Step 5: Download and Install Browser Extension.

  • Scroll up on the same page, under the SIGN-IN TO YOUR FAVOURITE CLOUD APPS section and search for your app.
  • On your app icon, click on the download symbol.
  • For Chrome
    • You will be redirected to add extension page. Now, click on the Add to Chrome.
    • Click on Add extension.
    • Now, miniOrange extension is installed in your Chrome Browser.
    For Firefox
    • You will be prompted to download the miniOrange extension. Click on the Allow button.
    • Now, miniOrange extension is installed to your browser.
    For Safari
    • A pop up screen will appear asking to download miniOrange extension or else go to the download settings of safari.
    • Click on the miniOrange extension popup to download the extension.
    For Internet Explorer
    • A .zip will be download.
    • Extract the .zip file and open the readme.txt file.
    • Follow the instructions in the readme file to install the extension in IE.
    • Restart the IE browser

Step 6: Login to your Application via Configured App.

  • Click on the configured app in your user-dashboard to Login to your application.
  • You will be redirected to your Application's Login page.
  • The miniOrange browser SSO extension will fill your login credentials and will log you in automatically.

Step 7: Embed this application link in your own website/user portal.

  • Go to admin dashboard -> Apps -> search for your app -> Click on Link in Action menu against your app.
  • Copy the app link and paste it anywhere on your own website - User portal/ Apps Dashboard /Menu, etc.