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Steps to set up miniOrange On-premise Server from an AWS image(with Postgres9.6 as database)

This guide includes steps for setting up the miniOrange on-premise server with the Postgres database as backend once you have deployed the AWS image. 

Please read the entire document and let us know if you have any questions. 


Step 1: Setup Postgres user and create database :

         1) Run the below commands to change Postgres Linux user Password

  • sudo passwd postgres

        2) Enter a new password when prompted. This will be the password for the postgres Linux user.
miniorange onpremise AWS Linux user password change
        3) Switch the current Linux user to postgres. To do so execute the following command.

  • su – postgres

       4) Once logged in as postgres user . Enter the following command to access postgres interactive terminal.

  • psql -U postgres

miniorange onpremise AWS switch user

Note that this user is distinct from the Postgres Linux user. The Linux user is used to access the database, and the Postgres database user is used to perform administrative tasks on the databases. The postgres database user password will be used to connect to the database in the future steps. In the next step we setup the password for postgres database user.


      5) Change the postgres database user password. To do this enter the following query in the Postgres interactive terminal.

  • ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD ‘<postgres_dbuser_password>‘;

miniorange onpremise AWS create db password
     Replace the <postgres_dbuser_password> with the password of your choice. This is the password that will be required to connect to the database when configuring miniOrange IdP.


     4) Create your Database. Execute the following command in the Postgres interactive terminal to create your database.

  • CREATE DATABASE ‘<postgres_db_name>

Replace the <postgres_db_name> with the name of your choice. This will be the name of your database. This will be required to connect to the database when configuring miniOrange IdP.

You can use \l to view all the databases.

Once you have finished using the shell, you can exit with /q

miniorange onpremise AWS create database

Step 2: Run miniOrange On-Premise IdP and connect it to the Postgres database.

           1)  Run the following commands on your AWS machine terminal:

cd /usr change directory to usr
cd mo-idp-server-<version>/bin navigating to the bin folder in the miniOrange On-Premise server’s directory
sudo su switching to the “root” user
sh starting tomcat

On successfully starting up, you will see a message like this(below):

miniorange onpremise AWS server start

          2)  Now, go to your browser and hit the following url: <your aws dns>:8080/

This will open up the Choose a Database Configuration Page on your browser.

Select Embedded Database. This will open up a database setup form. Fill in the following information:

Select Database Select PostgreSQL
Database Host Type in “”. This is because the PostgreSQL server is deployed locally
Database Port User the value “5432”. This is the port used by Postgres.
Database Name Name of the Database that we create earlier. The value you used to replace <postgres_db_name>
Database Username User the value “postgres”
Database Password Use the password that we set for Postgres database user. The value you used to replace <postgres_dbuser_password>

miniorange onpremise AWS database configuration

After configuring the above information click on Proceed.

Step 3: Setup miniOrange On-Premise IdP Administrator Account.

          1) After configuring the database successfully you should be redirected to Setup Admin Account Page on your Browser.

          2) Configure the details asked on this page and click on the Create Account button to continue.

miniorange onpremise aws setup admin account

          3) You have successfully setup the miniOrange Administrator Account.

Step 3: Log into miniOrange On-Premise IdP using Administrator Account.

          1) After creating an account, you will be redirected to the login page (see image above). Please enter the details that you used while setting up the Admin account to log in to your miniOrange dashboard.

miniorange onpremise AWS login

          2) Well Done! You have successfully set up miniOrange On-Premise IdP with PostgreSQL as a backend using the AWS Image.


If you have any questons or if you are facing any difficulties setting up our on-premise server, please feel free to reach out to us by either dropping a mail at or by clicking on Contact us.

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