Steps to customize user self-registration page

You can easily enable a self-registration/inline registration page for your users. Customize what fields to show on registration, enable email/phone verification for users, enable provisioning to a third-party app, etc. We give you full freedom to design user self-registration workflow.Please follow the below steps to enable self-registration:
  1. Login to the miniorange admin console. Once logged in, navigate to Settings section from header top right corner. Please see the screenshot below for reference.
  2. enable user self registrationr user self-registration
  3. Once enabled, you can see the create account link on your domain login page.
  4. user signup link user self-registration
  5. Now, when you click on the above registration link, you will be redirected to a self-registration page like shown below-
  6. user self registration view user self-registration
Following are the default fields shown to a user to complete registration/signup.
  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Password
  6. Confirm Password
  7. Phone Number - Not visible by default.
Admin can customize this page like -
  1. Can add any custom fields required for registration like age, date of birth, city, country, address, etc. First, you have to add custom user profile fields from the admin console and then, you can configure which fields you want to show on user signup page. Login to admin console-> Navigate to Customizations-> User Custom Profile Fields Mapping. You can see the page below for adding custom user profile fields and enabling them for user signup page.
  2. add user custom profile fields user self-registration
  3. You need to check  Enable on User Sign-Up checkbox against the fields to show these fields on user signup page.
  4. Can also hide the default fields like password, first name, last name, and username or email. One of them is required. Admin can log in to the admin console, navigate to Customization->User Sign-Up Fields to change the visibility of default fields. You can see below, how to change this.
  5. fields visibility user self-registration
  6. You can also customize user sign-up workflow. Following options can be enabled for self user-registration/ signup. Please see the screenshot below -
  7. user signup options user self-registration
    1. Redirect user to SSO app after registration - By default, after user signup, a user will see a default page showing thanks for registration message with a link to redirect to login page. Once you enable this option, if a user has first initiated sso request from his application and then clicked the create account link since he has no account. After successful registration, he will be redirected to his app and logged in as the user created.
    2. Verify User via OTP on phone after registration - You can enable this option to add a verification option before registration completion to verify user via valid phone number.
    3.  Provision User to Third -Party App before registration - There are few cases where customer has any CRM/AD or any user data store where all users are created first or need to be maintained always. So, in that case. You can enable this option to first create the user in your existing data store and then create in IDP using the unique identifier/username generated using the CRM.
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