Steps to enable multi-language support for EndUsers

Steps to enable multi-language support for EndUsers

When we talk about end users, it's not necessary that all end users will understand the same language. miniOrange provides Multi-Language Support For EndUsers according to the way you require. You just need to follow the steps given below to enable Multi-Language Support feature for EndUsers.

Configuration Steps

  • You can add a dropdown on the SSO login page for you endusers, to switch the language of the IDP. You can enable this option for your endusers by hovering to Users->User Capabilties on the dashboard.
  • Toggle Enable Internationalization for EndUsers.
  • Identity provider multi-language support
  • Enable internationalization for Users.
  • After enabling the option, a dropdown will be added on the SSO Login pages for end-users on the top-right corner of the screen. They can choose their preferred language.
  • Dropdown Identity provider multi-language support]
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