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SSO using G-Suite as Identity Source


One of the schools that approached us for SSO, were at the time using several different applications such as iSAMS, Seesaw, manageBac, Netsuite, Google WebApps. They needed one central place where they could access all these different applications through only a single sign in.

miniOrange IDP helped them to achieve this goal by providing one central authentication system based on SSO and using G-Suite as the identity provider. Using this centralized authentication system the users can now access a set of different applications from a central portal.


The above use-case was implemented using miniOrange Identity Services as follows:-

A user tries to access one of the applications using the school/College portal. [Step 1]

  1. He is then redirected to the miniOrange End to Sign-in using his Credentials. [Step 2]
  2. The user is authenticated at miniOrange with Google as the identity source. [Step 3]
  3. After successful authentication, the user is redirected back to the requested application with a user session set for the user at the School/College Portal. [Step 4 & 5]
  4. After successful authentication, the user can now access any of the applications available on the portal without the need to login to each of them separately. [Step 6]
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