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Single Sign-On (SSO) For A US Pharmaceutical State License Service

Single Sign-On (SSO) For A US Pharmaceutical State License Service

Pharmaregs is a Multi-State License Service for the Pharmaceutical Industry. They are

  • Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers of Prescription and OTC Drugs and Devices
  • Medical Device Distributors and Manufacturers

Pharmaregs has multiple applications like Freshdesk, Fileshare, Smartsheet, and their own portal where an apps list of other apps is available to be accessed. His clients first access the customer portal and then access other apps from the portal’s app dashboard.

Freshdesk – An online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster.

Fileshare – ownCloud offers an enterprise fileshare solution that allows users to access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere.

Smartsheet – It is a software as a service application for collaboration and work management. It is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work. It has a spreadsheet-like user interface.

Case Study for US Pharmaceutical State License Service:

State License Servicing, Inc. (SLS) provides multi-state regulatory licensing services for the pharmaceutical industry. With over 100 clients that wholesale, distribute and/or manufacture pharmaceutical products, SLS manages licensing requirements from applications to renewals, changes, and notifications to meet the varying and ever-changing rules of all 50 state governments and Puerto Rico.

SLS describes its business problem here as follows. Servicing their clients requires SLS to aggregate, organize, maintain, and safeguard hundreds of thousands of data points and digital documents. This is an ongoing and collaborative process with the client that the company manages via five technologies that come together via SLS’s web-based client portal:
miniOrange: Management of user credentials, Single Sign On Sharefile: Archived document storage
Smartsheet: Prioritizing, approving, and retrieving new documents from the client
Freshdesk: Communications and project tracking WebDirect: Client data storage, all internal workflow A client user enters the website and logs in with credentials managed in miniOrange.

Following authentication, miniOrange navigates to a page containing icons for Sharefile, SmartSheet, Freshdesk, and FileMaker WebDirect. Because Sharefile, SmartSheet and Freshdesk allow for Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML, the user can then simply click on the icon and go directly to the technology of their choosing. FileMaker WebDirect, however, does not allow for true Single Sign On, and therefore, the user must login again in order to gain access. The effect of this for SLS is widespread. First and foremost, the user does not have a seamless experience. Single Sign On is expected of today’s websites, and SLS believes its absence calls into question the professionalism of the website as a whole. Secondly, SLS’s IT Department is forced to maintain two sets of credentials – one set for miniOrange and another for WebDirect. With over 100 clients and growing, the time spent managing these credentials is increasingly burdensome. Finally, users are not able to maintain their own credentials. As a result, SLS staff must communicate with clients on such minor issues as forgotten passwords, etc. So, we sought to develop a method such that once an SLS client was logged into the miniOrange site, that a simple click of a button would allow access to the FileMaker database.

Working with SLS and with miniOrange we were able to construct an OAuth/OpenID Connect flow from miniOrange, and thus we were able to provide this functionality. SLS now has the option of using miniOrange either as an Identity Provider or as an Identity Broker as described in the original White Paper. Client users login once to the system.

How miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) service works for Pharmaregs?

Single Sign On for Pharmaregs

miniOrange has provided Pharmaregs a centralized single sign-on solution for their portal as well as other apps. We have deployed a PHP SAML connector for their customer portal site to enable single sign-on and integrated IDP-initiated SSO via miniorange from their customer portal app dashboard for SSO into other apps like Smartsheet, Freshservice, and Fileshare.

We also have deployed role-specific page access to users on their site and customizations to map unique smartsheet published URLs to each user/group of users.

Key benefits of the solution to Pharmaregs:

  1. Ease Of Access- For the end users, it reduces the responsibility of managing multiple sets of usernames and passwords for different apps.
  2. Manage Users and Groups/Member Firms from a central place- It offers simple and user-friendly UI Interface for user/group management through a single platform for add/update a user/group and controlling user/group rights. All user/group operations are synced from miniOrange admin dashboard to apps.
  3. Easy to Extend- If your apps grow in future,which needs SSO (either SAML based or non-SAML based), then miniOrange cloud SSO service have ready-made connectors for it.
  4. Cost effective- This solution saves them a huge amount of cost of hosting provider,load balanced servers,setting up auto-backup and disaster recovery mechanism for an on-premise idp and its maintenance cost.

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