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Single Sign On (SSO) For Maaco

Single Sign On (SSO) For Maaco

Maaco is America’s number one auto paint and collison repair provider since 1972. Maaco was looking to use Adobe Captivate Prime as a LMS (Learning Management System) for introducing courses and building training programmes for their Area Coaches, Vendors, Shop Managers and Field Trainers.

To manage all user accounts Maaco needed to have a centralized IAM system. They also needed to provide a SSO solution to all users to log into Adobe Captivate Prime seamlessly.

How miniOrange Single Sign-On Solution works for Maaco?

Single Sign On for Maaco

Without miniOrange Maaco would have to build an IAM solution and integrate with Adobe Captivate Prime from the groundwork. With miniOrange Maaco was able to easily integrate and deploy the new training system to all of their users without the hassle of developing and maintaining a new system.

Key benefits of the solution to Maaco:

  1. Ease Of Access: For the end users, it reduces the responsibility of managing multiple sets of usernames and passwords.
  2. Manage Users and Groups from a central place: miniOrange offers simple and user-friendly UI Interface for user/group management through a single platform for add/update a user/group and controlling user/group rights. All user/group operations are synced from miniOrange admin dashboard to apps.
  3. Manage Users on existing system: With Auto sync and JIT (Just In Time Provisioning) administrators can manage their users in their own existing system without having to move users or maintain them in multiple applications.
  4. Future Proof: If your apps grow in future which need SSO (either SAML based or non-SAML based), then easily deploy access to these applications for your users with few easy steps.
  5. Cost effective: No hassle of building or managing a new system for Single Sign On. With user-reverification system make sure only the relevant and active users are using the applications at all times thus reducing the overall cost.

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