Single Sign-On (SSO) For Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services

Single Sign On (SSO) For Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) is a federal agency within the USA Department of Health and Human Service(HHS). CMS administrate the Medicare programs also works with the state governments in the USA to administrate to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurence Program.

CMS has multiple applications like Jira, WordPress including Drupal websites and users are kept in Crowd Server. Users can log in using their Crowd account to gain access to all the connected applications using SAML 2.0 Protocols.

miniOrange provides secure access to sites for enterprises and full control over access of applications, Single Sign-On (SSO) into your site with one set of login credentials.

How miniOrange OnPremise Single Sign-On service works with CMS?

Architecture Diagram:

Single Sign On for CMS

Flow Diagram:

Single Sign On for CMS

Crowd supports only OpenId Protocol using its CrowdID application to allows Single Sign-On for the number of application but CSM’s applications support’s SAML2.0 Protocol. Here, miniOrange IdP is integrated with the applications and Crowd as Protocol broker service to delegate single sign-on requirements where miniOrange will handle all the SAML Request from the application to redirect the user to Crowd with the OpenID request for authentication and once the authentication is done, send a SAML Response to the application with the attributes received in OpenID Response from Crowd Server.

Key benefits of the solution to Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services:

  1. Remove dependency of OpenID Protocol supported by the Crowd Server. The application can use any of Protocol, for example, SAML, OpenID or OAuth for Single Sign-on.
  2. Along with SSO, miniOrange allows you to use our 2-factor authentication product on top for the app of your choice.

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