Steps to Setup On-premise SCIM Module

Steps to Setup On-premise SCIM Module

SCIM, or the System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is an open standard designed to manage user identity information. SCIM provides a pre-defined schema for representing users and groups, and a RESTful API to run CRUD operations on those user and group resources. The goal of SCIM is to securely automate the exchange of user identity data between your company's cloud applications and any service providers, such as enterprise SaaS applications.

SCIM Module workflow


  • You need to first setup miniorange on-premise server. If you haven't done so yet, then click on this link to setup on-premise server.
  • Setup RabbitMQ server. For this, you need to download and install RabbitMQ. Click on this link to follow steps for downloading and installing RabbitMQ server.

Configuration Steps

  • Configure RabbitMQ properties in miniOrange on-premise server. Locate the file inside moas/WEB-INF/classes/ folder and modify RabbitMQ properties # RabbitMQ rabbitmq.port=5672 rabbitmq.username=admin rabbitmq.password=password #keep this true if you want to use SSL/TLS connection for RabbitMQ rabbitmq.usessl=false
  • Locate the file inside /webapps/mo-provisioning-service/WEB-INF/classes folder and modify the database/datasource and RabbitMQ properties. #rabbitMQ host name #Rabbit MQ port number spring.rabbitmq.port=5672 #Keep this true if you want to use SSL/TLS connection for RabbitMQ spring.rabbitmq.ssl.enabled=false spring.rabbitmq.username=guest spring.rabbitmq.password=guest #database url for postgres in format jdbc:postgresql://{db server host name}:{db server port}/{database name} spring.datasource.url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/scim #username of your database spring.datasource.username=admin #password of your database spring.datasource.password=admin
  • Copy content of file into other two properties file in the /webapps/mo-provisioning-service/WEB-INF/classes
  • Start tomcat server

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You can request a trial version of the module and miniOrange offers 1 hour free help through a consultation call with our System Engineers to Install or Setup SCIM module for on-premise solution in your environment with 30 days trial. For this, you need to just send us an email at or Contact Us to book a slot and we'll help you setting it up in no time.

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