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Pelephone success story

Pelephone was first established in 1986 by Motorola and Tadiran. It is the first company to offer mobile telephony services in Israel. Due to this, the brand name "Pelephone" became the genericized trademark for mobile phones in Israel, regardless of the service provider.

In addition to selling phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories, the company also provides cellular services. Pelephone develops a variety of business solutions for the business sector, including the PTT service, the Connected Car service, which connects Israel's transport fleet to the Internet, Big Data services, and IoT solutions for agriculture, industry, health, smart cities, etc.


Pelephone is the largest and leading telecommunications corporation in Israel with over 2.2 million subscribers. Being a large telecom company, Oracle EBS is a crucial part of their internal infrastructure, used by thousands of employees every day. Managing such a large workforce requires the maintenance of that many account credentials, passwords, and authentication IDs. This is coupled with the challenge of maintaining multiple instances of the same application, across multiple environments.

The Challenge:

Owing to the large number of instances that Pelephone has running, synchronizing & managing user credentials across multiple instances - in keeping with Password rotation policies - is a massive issue. This can also expose organizations to risk, as any theft of stored credentials can lead to phishing attacks, which can result in massive losses in terms of user privacy, financial and company resources, and more. This necessitated the use of a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.

Pelephone's Oracle EBS instance was integrated with multiple other applications to calculate metrics, generate reports, and backup data. As a result, the authentication solution would have to ensure that only a fixed number of database connections were active at any given time in order to support Single Sign-On, as too many connections would slow down the underlying database.

miniOrange Solution

A key observation was that Pelephone had a domain-joined architecture, with users logging into Windows workstations to go about their daily work.

In order to simplify access to company resources and websites, miniOrange provided the Single Sign-on solution for their users. After authenticating themselves once, users could access all other applications seamlessly without having to enter their credentials separately for each application.

miniOrange offers a seamless single sign-on experience via the Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) module. This enabled Pelephone’s employees to access their Oracle EBS instances directly from the browser, without having to enter their credentials explicitly. Users were allowed to use their existing Active Directory credentials for authentication. The solution allowed 2000+ users to access their accounts without interruptions using single sign-on.


As a result, using the miniOrange’s safe and secure SSO solution, Pelephone has eased access to its resources and applications, along with securing user and organization data by adding an extra layer of security.

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