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Okta as IdP for miniOrange

Step 1: Setup Okta as Identity Provider

Follow the steps below to configure Okta as an Identity Provider

miniorange img Configuring Okta as IdP

  • Log into Okta Admin Console. Select "Classic UI" and then Application.
  • Okta SSO-new
  • Click on Add Applications.
  • Okta SSO-1
  • Click on Create New App.
  • Click on the SAML 2.0.
  • Okta SSO-2
  • In General Settings, enter App Name and click on Next.
  • In SAML Settings, enter the following:
  • Okta SSO-3

    For miniOrange Cloud Version :

    Single Sign On URL<Your-customer-id>
    Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

    For miniOrange On-Premise Version :

    Single Sign On URL http://<Your-Company-domain-name>/broker/login/saml/acs/<Your-customer-id>
    Audience URI (SP Entity ID) http://locahost:8080

    For Customer-ID, select Settings & copy Customer Key from the Server Settings section.

    Okta SSO-4
  • Configure Attribute Statements and Group Attribute Statement (Optional).
  • Okta SSO-4

miniorange img Assigning Groups/People

  • After creating and configuring the app go to the Assignment Tab in Okta.
  • Here we select the peoples and groups you want to give access to log in through this app. Assign this to the people/group you would to give access to.
  • Okta SSO-5
  • After assigning the people/groups to your app, go to Sign On tab.
  • Click on View Setup Instructions to get the SAML Login URL (Single Sign on URL), Single Logout URL, IDP Entity ID and X.509 Certificate. You will need this to configure the Service Provider.
  • Okta SSO-6
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