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Number of Device Exceeds Template Customization

Number of Device Exceeds Template Customization

This section describes the customization options available for customizing the Number of Devices Exceeds Template.

Configuration Steps

  • Select Customization >> Email Templates from the side menu.
  • Select Number of Devices Exceeds from the Email Template List.
  • Identity provider Exceeds template
  • Select Set Customized Email Template option.
  • Identity provider Exceeds Email template
  • Modify From, Body and Subject fields to your liking.
  • NOTE: You can use ##FirstName##, ##email## in your Template. The system would dynamically replace them with firstName and email.

  • To modify the HTML of the Email Template click on the Source Code button as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Identity provider Exceeds template Source code
  • You can send a Test Email to test your changes before clicking the Save button to save your settings.
  • Identity provider Exceeds template setting
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