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Logo/Trademark Usage Guidelines

Logo/Trademark Usage Guidelines

These Trademark Usage Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) are for miniOrange Security Software PVT LTD or its affiliates (“miniOrange”) licensees, authorized resellers, partners, customers, clients, and other third parties interested to use miniOrange’s trademarks, service marks, or trade name (collectively “miniOrange Trademarks”). The Guidelines set forth the rules for using or referring to miniOrange Trademarks owned by miniOrange. miniOrange Trademarks are in various forms and may include, by way of example, letters, words, logos, designs, images, slogans, colors, product shapes, product packaging, and sounds. Use of miniOrange Trademarks may be prohibited unless expressly authorized.

Licenses of miniOrange Trademarks that have been provided with specific trademark usage guidelines in the license agreement, please follow those guidelines. If the licensee agreement does not include trademark usage guidelines, then follow these guidelines. All authorized miniOrange resellers or members of a miniOrange program may be subject to additional restrictions.

miniOrange considers its trademarks and service marks to be among its most valuable intellectual property assets. As such, miniOrange intends to take all appropriate measures to preserve the strength of and retain its exclusive rights to use its marks. miniOrange asks that you assist us by following these Guidelines. If you have any questions about the Guidelines, please direct them to

  1. Do Not Use miniOrange Trademarks As The Name Of Your Company, Products Or Services, As A Domain Name, Email Address, Or Social Media Profile. You may not use or register in any jurisdiction, whether foreign or domestic, any miniOrange Trademark as all or part of your company, product, or service name in a manner that is likely to create confusion as to miniOrange sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, product, or service, or that may dilute the miniOrange Trademark. Similarly, you may not use or register in any jurisdiction, whether foreign or domestic, a domain name, email address, or social media profile or name that incorporates any miniOrange Trademark in bad faith or in a manner that is likely to create confusion as to miniOrange’s sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company, product, or service.
  2. Do Not Use miniOrange Logos Without Permission. You may not use any miniOrange logo unless you have an agreement with or express written consent from miniOrange authorizing such use.
  3. Do Not Use miniOrange Trademarks In False Or Misleading Advertising. Advertising for miniOrange or its products or services offered under the miniOrange Trademarks must not be false or misleading in any way and must not be in violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative agency regulation of any country.
  4. Do Not Use miniOrange Trademarks In Objectionable Material. You may not use miniOrange Trademarks on or in connection with, in miniOrange’s sole discretion, any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort.
  5. Do Not Use miniOrange Trademarks To Disparage miniOrange. You may not use miniOrange Trademarks to disparage miniOrange, its products or services, or in a manner that, in miniOrange’s judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage the reputation of miniOrange or the goodwill in the miniOrange Trademarks.
  6. Do Not Use miniOrange Trademarks as AdWords. You may not use miniOrange Trademarks as or in connection with Google AdWords, AdWords Express, or any other similar online advertising service.

Permissible Uses of miniOrange Trademarks

  1. Use miniOrange Trademarks To Refer To miniOrange’s Products Or Services. With the exception of miniOrange logos (the use of which must be expressly authorized by miniOrange), you generally may use miniOrange Trademarks to refer to miniOrange’s products or services in advertising, promotional, and sales materials, provided that you have the necessary authority to sell or promote miniOrange’s products or services, e.g. authorized reseller, licensee, etc.
  2. Use miniOrange Trademarks To Indicate A Relationship To miniOrange Products. You may indicate the relationship of your products and services to miniOrange’s products or services by using an accurate referential phrase in connection with your product or service, for example, “for use with miniOrange’s software” or “compatible with miniOrange’s software” provided that: (a) the miniOrange Trademark appears less prominent than the product or service name; (b) the miniOrange Trademark is not a part of or incorporated in your product or service name; and (c) the referential phrase is accurate and complies with the requirements set forth in any license agreement with miniOrange.
  3. Use miniOrange Trademarks In Publications, Seminars, and Conferences. You may display or refer to miniOrange wordmarks in the titles or subject matter of books, magazines, periodicals, seminars, and conferences, subject to the following requirements:
    • Your use adheres to these guidelines.
    • The use of the miniOrange word mark is necessary because it is germane to the subject matter of the publication, seminar, or conference.
    • The use does not damage miniOrange’s reputation or goodwill in its marks and reflects positively on miniOrange Security Software PVT LTD, its products and technology.
    • Your name, logo, trademarks, or trade name are displayed more prominently than the miniOrange word mark on all of your printed materials in connection with the publication, seminar, or conference.
    • You conspicuously disclaim any and all sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by miniOrange, on all publications and/or printed material in connection with the publication, seminar, or conference in the following format: “[Title] is an independent [publication, seminar, or conference] with no affiliation to, nor authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by miniOrange Security Software PVT LTD.”
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