IDP Setup Guides

We can connect with any External IDP via SAML, OAuth, CAS or User Directory via LDAP, Database Connection or APIs.

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SAML IDP Setup Guides

Azure AD as IdP
Okta as IdP
Onelogin as IdP
Google Apps as IdP
Salesforce as IdP
Shibboleth3 as IdP
Auth0 as IdP
Pingone as IdP
Keycloak as IdP
WSO2 as IdP

OAuth IDP Setup Guides

AWS Cognito as IdP
AzureAD B2C as IdP
Google Apps as IdP
Salesforce as IdP
Facebook as IdP
Linkedin as IdP

API Authentication Guides

Wordpress as Authentication Source
Magento as Authentication Source
Moodle as Authentication Source
Siebel CRM as Authentication Source

Database as Authentication Source