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miniOrange Identity Platform Handbook

miniOrange Identity Platform Handbook

About miniOrange Identity Platform

  • miniOrange is a Cloud and on-premise Identity and access management solution provider.
  • We provide Single Sign-on, Multi Factor authentication, Adaptive authentication, Identity Brokering, Social Login, Provisioning support for all standard applications using utmost security protocols such as SAML, Oauth, OpenID, etc.
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Features of miniOrange IdP Dashboard

  • The miniOrange Dashboard is primarily categorized into 2 sections : One section is dedicated to configuration, i.e Integration of miniOrange with third party identities and various applications for SSO and MFA. The other is dedicated to user and group management for resource access management.
  • We will be covering each and every section with its details in this guide.

miniorange img Identity Providers

  • An Identity Provider (Also known as IDP) is a service that creates and manages a users identity like ADFS, Google, Facebook, Azure, etc. Let’s add one.
  • Click on Add Identity Provider button.
  • We provide support for multiple protocols like SAML, Oauth, OpenID and CAS to connect with an Identity Provider. You can add any number of Identity Providers to authenticate your users or a specific group of users.
  • Here you can easily configure an IDP by providing the required information in the respective fields or by importing the IDP metadata.
  • Learn more about Identity providers and how to setup an IdP.

miniorange img User Stores

  • You can add your preferable directory (such as Active Directory (AD) or LDAP) to authenticate user identities with miniOrange.
  • Click on Add User Store button
  • We provide support for different types of user stores like Microsoft Active Directory, AzureAD, OpenLDAP, AWS Cognito, Custom Databases, API, Radius etc.
  • You can also use miniOrange as a user directory to authenticate users present in miniOrange.
  • Learn more about User Stores and Directory Services.

miniorange img Apps

  • miniOrange helps you to enable SSO into 5000+ pre-integrated applications for cloud, on-premise, desktop, and mobile applications supported via all standard SSO protocols.
  • Here, you can view, add, and manage different applications for Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication, like Google Workspaces, Microsoft apps, VPN, popular CMS/LMS like wordpress, moodle, etc.
  • Click on Apps. It shows a list of all configured applications and option to modify them.Click on Add Application.
  • Select the application type from SAML, OAuth, JWT, RADIUS, etc. to set up quickly and effortlessly. Each SSO protocol offers a wide variety of pre-integrated apps to choose from.
  • Select application from list of preconfigured applications. If your app is not present, search "Custom" and click on Custom App for that category.
  • You can find the app metadata details here, which is required to configure your Service Provider.
  • Learn more about Application Protocols and how to enable SSO for your application.

miniorange img Policies

  • This section allows you to define and assign access policies to all the configured apps. You can add a policy to the required app for all users or for a specific group of users.
  • You can click on Edit to change the existing policy on any app.
  • Click on Add Policy. You can also enforce Two factor and adaptive authentication policies for individual apps or groups from here.

miniorange img Customization

  • The complete user experience for signup and authentication flow, UI aspects of layout, look and feel, branding, internationalization, RTL support etc can be managed from the Customization section.
  • You can set up your own Dashboard look and feel using Menu management and User Sign Up fields. Enter the Organization Name to set your own branding.
  • You can set your own Email/SMS Gateway provider from the above section and modify the template for your EMail or SMS.
  • Learn more about Customization capabilities and its Features with miniOrange.

miniorange img 2-Factor Authentication

  • As an admin in miniOrange you can set up 2-factor authentication for your employees or applications to add an extra layer of security.
  • You can choose from over 15+ authentication methods which include OTP over Email or SMS, hardware token, QR code Authentication, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.
  • You can also set up 2fa methods, alternate 2fa methods, assign Hardware tokens, generate static code for your endusers.
  • Learn more about 2 Factor Authentication and its benefits.

miniorange img Adaptive Authentication

  • Here, you can add policy to restrict access to a user for any application based on their IP, device, location and time of access.
  • From Allow, Deny, and Challenge action behaviour ,you can select if any user should be allowed, denied, or challenged with MFA respectively, during login attempt. You can also set up Email alerts for unknown devices and locations.
  • In View Policy, you can view and edit the default policy or your created policy to make any changes of Adaptive methods in existing policies.
  • Learn more about Adaptive MFA.

miniorange img Provisioning

  • When you wish to manage accounts for users or on an organizational level, miniOrange provisioning features come into play.
  • You can set up provisioning for a particular application from the list in the dropdown.
  • Now for the selected application, you can perform provisioning features such as create user, delete user, password sync, etc. for your users in the chosen applications and import users or groups.
  • Click on Import Users, Select the app for which you have set Provisioning and click on Import.
  • You can view all the Users in Users Section of the dashboard.
  • Learn more about Provisioning here.

miniorange img Users

  • Here you can view and manage the Users present in miniOrange. To add users, click on Add User.
  • You can add each user with its attributes or bulk upload the users using a CSV file.
  • You can change second factor, view groups, disable user, etc. from this section.
  • The Admin can manage and change the user capabilities for all the end users from this section.
  • Additionally, you can view locked users, manage Shared identity, etc. from this section.

miniorange img Groups

  • Here you can view, create and manage the Groups of Users present in miniOrange.
  • To make a group, click on Create Group. To assign users to existing groups click on Assign Users.
  • Enter a Group Name to create a group. You can bulk upload the users in the group by uploading a CSV file with all the User Information.
  • You can assign Group Custom fields, Group Custom Membership fields, and auto assign Group rules from this section.

miniorange img Reports

  • You can View all authentication and Usage reports from the Reports Section.
  • Enter the Date range to view detail report of the users within the specified date range.
  • You can check the authentication report from this section. The User's IP address, request time, authetication method, etc. is displayed in this Report.
  • In User Usage report, you can check the active users and their details who are using the solution.
  • You can view more detailed reports such as Single Sign-on Summary, User registration summary, User Device profiles , adaptive authentication reports, etc. from this section.

miniorange img License

  • In this section, you can view and manage your License and Payments.
  • Click on License >> Manage Licenses >> View License Key to check your existing License. You can click on Make Payment to initiate the payment and purchase License.
  • Licens details
  • You can manage your saved Cards from this section.
  • Make payment
  • Contact Us on for more details.
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