Setup OAuth Identity Source via miniOrange Broker Service

Setup Salesforce as OAuth Provider for miniOrange Broker Service

In this Setup guide we are going to use Salesforce as OAuth Provider for miniOrange Broker Service however You can configure any OAuth Provider like Salesforce, Slack, Meetup which supports OAuth to single sign-on into apps which don’t support SAML or any protocol for single sign-on. Like using our broker service you can SSO into any app supporting other protocols like SAML, OpenID Connect, JWT, etc.

Here we are giving steps to configure Salesforce as OAuth Provider & connect it with miniorange broker to single sign-on into WordPress using OAuth & SAML protocol. OAuth protocol is used in Salesforce & miniOrange connection. SAML protocol is used in miniOrange & WordPress connection.

1. Login to miniOrange on using URL & navigate to Identity Providers->Add Identity Provider->OAuth 2.0

Select App Name as Salesforce.
Also, copy OAuth Callback URL. This URL is required for creating OAuth application on OAuth Provider(Salesforce).

2. Go to and log into your Salesforce account.

3. You will be presented with the following screen. Go to Platform Tools > Apps > App Manager

4. Click on New Connected App.

5. You will be taken to the application settings page. Configure the application like so. Click on Enable OAuth Settings

6. After enabling OAuth Settings you will be shown more options to configure, Such as Callback URL (Enter URL that you have copied in step-1). Select the scopes as required. Make sure that the same scopes are also added in miniOrange scope section plugin and then scroll all the way to the bottom to click on Save.

7. After performing SAVE action you will be taken to the Application Management page. Here, you will find Consumer ID and Consumer Secret.

Copy Consumer ID & Consumer Secret. Consumer id is your Client ID & Consumer Secret is Client Secret.

8. Enter Client ID & Client Secret in miniOrange step-1. Also enter valid scope & click on Save.

Now you have setup connection between Salesforce & miniOrange using OAuth protocol.

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