Step by Step guide to setup On-Premise IDP

3. Features

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Different features you can try out in miniOrange Identity and Authentication Server are as follows-

Single Sign-On

1.Enable this module as Identity Broker – Identity Brokering allows users to authenticate using any external IDPs like ADFS, Azure AD, Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLPHP, Google Apps, etc as well as OAuth Providers like Windows Live, Slack, SafeIX, Gitlab and all Social Providers.

2.Enable this module as Identity Provider – You can configure any user store like LDAP, AD, AWS Cognito and enable this module as Identity Provider to your apps. Default user store is default database shipped with the server.

3.Two Factor Authentication – You can choose from various authentication methods like OTP over Email/SMS, Google Authenticator, Security Questions, Hardware Token, etc. to enable 2fa for your account.

4.Adaptive Risk-Based Authentication – You can give access to different apps to your employees, users based on Device, IP, Time and Location.

5.Centralized Admin Dashboard – Admin Console for central management of users, groups, group mappings, client apps, and configuration.

6.User Account Management Dashboard – Access all your apps from a single dashboard. It allows users to centrally manage their account.

7.Branding and Customization Support Options – Brand all your user-facing pages with your own logo, favicon, and theme. Customize all Email Templates for user registration, reset a password, user activation,otp over email, etc. You can add more than 20 custom attributes for user as well as group.