Step by Step guide to setup On-Premise IDP

7. Two Factor Authentication

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miniOrange authentication service combines something you know, or something you have with someone you are to reliably confirm your identity. The most practical way to strengthen authentication is to require a second factor after the username/password stage. Since a password is something that a user knows, ensuring that the user also has something or using biometrics thwarts attackers that steal or gain access to passwords. Many users choose weak passwords which can be easily guessed or cracked. Phishing attacks trick people daily into revealing their passwords, and users on unsecured networks (e.g. at Starbucks) can have their passwords sniffed. Clearly passwords are not enough for protecting important logins.

miniOrange authentication service has 15+ authentication methods.

  • OTP over SMS (Configure your own sms gateway)
  • Out of Band SMS (Configure your own sms gateway)
  • OTP over Email (Configure your own email gateway)
  • Out of band Email (Configure your own email gateway)
  • OTP over SMS and Email
  • Google Authenticator
  • Security Questions
  • Mobile Authentication (Contact us)
  • Push Notification (Contact us)
  • Soft Token (Contact us)
  • Phone Verification
  • Voice Authentication (Contact us)
  • Display Hardware Token