Identity Broker Service

6. WS-Fed

miniOrange WS-federation (WS-FED) client allows users residing at WS federation capable Identity Provider to log in to your WordPress website. miniOrange WS-fed Single Sign-on (SSO) Plugin acts as a WS federation Service Provider which can be configured to establish the trust between the plugin and a WS federation capable Identity Providers to securely authenticate the user to the WordPress site.

Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings for WS-Fed Apps :

  • Login as a customer from  Admin Console.
  • Go to Apps >> Manage Apps. Click Configure Apps button.
  • Click on WS-Fed tab. Select Custom WS-Fed App and click on Add App button.
  • Enter the Custom Application Name.
  • Enter the WT-Realm i.e. Callback URL.
  • Make sure Reply URL is in this format https://<>.
  • Select Name Id like first name, username etc.
  • Add a new policy for Custom WS-FED.
  • Select a Group Name from the dropdown – the group for which you want to add Custom Apps policy.
  • Give a policy name for Custom App in Policy Name.
  • Select the First Factor Type for authentication.
  • Click on Save button to add policy for App.