Step by Step guide to setup On-Premise IDP

5. User/Group Management

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This section describes the admin features for managing users and groups.

You can add users to our system in three ways-

  • Go to the Users tab -> Users List in Admin Console and click on Add User button to create a new user.
  • Download sample csv format from our console and edit this csv file according to it and upload it in our console via Bulk Upload.
    Note : SMTP needs to be configured in order to send any activation emails.
    After uploading the csv file successfully, you will see a success message with a link.
  • You can call our user apis to add/update/delete/disable user into the system. This is our user api docs guide –

Following options are available in product settings from top menu to add user from admin or for self-user registration workflows:

  1. Enable sending activation email with password reset link after user registration.
  2. Enable Inline Registration for users.
  3. Enable User Auto-Registration.