Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Configure two factor authentication (2FA) for Users

To Configure two factor authentication (2FA) for users you need to select one of the method from  “default Authentication methods” section. Authentication methods include OTP over SMS, OTP over email & OTP over both SMS and email. You can choose Authentication methods for your end-users in the following way:

    • Select Configure 2FA for Users from 2-Factor Authentication Tab.

click on 2fa to enable two factor authentication
configure two factor authentication for users tab
configure 2fa for user dashboard

  • Here you can see 3 main functionalities:

1.Select the Default Authentication Method for your end-users:

    • In this method, you can select different methods for different end-users.
    • Let’s say you want to set OTP over SMS as default method for your end-users.
    • First, you have to click on the checkbox of OTP over SMS.
    • Then click on save.

select otp over sms

    • To verify, the admin has to select the user tab from the left navigation bar.
    • And click on the user list.

users tab
user list

  • In this list, you can check for the end-user and the corresponding second factor type.
  • If the default 2FA method set by you is the same as the second factor type over here, then you have configured userlist and 2fa type

2. Select the 2FA methods allowed to be shown to end-users :

    • The admin has a choice to show the end-users all or any combination of 2FA methods.
    • The below screenshots depict that all methods are shown to the end-users.

2fa shown to endusers

    • Suppose admin choices some other combination then, he/she has to enable and disable the checkbox accordingly.
    • Then click on save.

combination of 2fa shown to endusers

    • So in the end-user dashboard, he would be just able to see the above enabled methods to set 2FA for himself.
    • To verify, go to the end-user dashboard and click on Configure 2FA.

enduser dashboard

3. Skip Alternate Login Method (KBA) Configuration during Inline Registration.

    • This functionality gives you a choice to ask the KBA questions during inline registration.

skip alternate login method

    • If you want to skip this, enable the Skip alternate login method(KBA) tab.
    • Then click on save.

enable, skip alternate login method