Setup SAML Identity Source via miniOrange Broker Service

Setup WordPress as SP for miniOrange Broker Service

You can use the following steps to setup connection between your SP & miniOrange, Here we have used WordPress as SP.

1. Now navigate to Apps->Manage Apps->Configure Apps. Search for WordPress in SAML section. Select WordPress App & click on Add App.

If you don’t find the application that you are looking for then you can also use Custom App.

2. Now navigate to WordPress->miniOrange SAML 2.0 SSO->Identity Provider tab. Copy SP-EntityID / Issuer & ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL & paste it against SP Entity ID or Issuer & ACS URL in miniOrange. Select Name ID as Email Address.

3. Click on save. After this it will shows the list of configured apps. Now click on Metadata option of the respective app. It will show the popup in which it shows the URL list. Remember IdP Entity ID or Issuer, Broker Service Login URL & X.509 Certificate. These values are required for adding IDP on WordPress.

4. Goto WordPress->miniOrange SAML 2.0 SSO->Service Provider tab & add following data

IdP Entity ID or Issuer IdP Entity ID or Issuer from miniOrange App Metadata link
SAML Login URL Broker Service Login URL from miniOrange App Metadata link
X.509 Certificate X.509 Certificate from miniOrange App Metadata link

5. Click on Save. To check whether configurations are working or not for that click Test Configuration. After this it will open new windows & ask for Okta credentials. After entering valid credentials it shows the list attributes that we have configured on IDP.

If you get the valid result after performing step-5 it means you have successfully configured Okta with WordPress using miniOrange.