Setup SAML Identity Source via miniOrange Broker Service

Setup Multiple IDPs and login using IDP Selection Page

You can configure multiple IDPs (identity providers) and give users the option to select the IDP of their choice to authenticate with.

For Example – It could be multiple AD domains belonging to different departments or multiple okta organizations.

Few usecases where customers configure multiple IDPs –
1. Suppose you have a product which many of your clients use and each client has their own unique IDP so you want them to SSO into your product as well using their existing IDP only. miniOrange provides a centralized way to connect with all IDPs in a very easy manner and integrate sso into your application.

2. Suppose you are providing a course to many universities, each having a unique IDP like Shibboleth, ADFS, CAS, etc. You can provide single sign-on (SSO) into your course application to all these universities by integrating with all of them using a single platform provided by miniorange.

This is the endpoint to call from your saml application –
For Cloud IDP –<customer_id>
For On-Premise IDP –<customer_id>

You should copy the Customer Key from admin console-> Settings -> and replace it with <customer_id> here.

Once configured in SP, when you initiate the login from Service Provider. A user will be redirected to IDP Selection Page listing all IDPs configured for that account.

You can see the screenshot below of the IDP Selection Page with a list of IDPs configured for that account.

You can also change the look and feel of this page. Login to miniorange admin console. Navigate to Customization -> Branding Configuration. See the below screenshot for reference-

  1. You can customize the title of this page.
  2. You can change the logo and favicon for this page.
  3.  You can change the background and button color for this page from admin UI.