Identity Broker Service

2. SAML Integration

This document is about configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings for SAML Integration. Our SAML broker service will act as a Service Provider to any IDP of your choice and you don’t have to worry about understanding SAML protocol at all. It can work with ADFS, Okta, salesforce, SimpleSamlPhp, Shibboleth, PING, RSA, Centrify, One Login, miniOrange or any other SAML Identity Provider (IdP). This SAML service returns all the attributes provided by the IdP along with the username of the logged in user. You can then use these attributes to login user into your application.

Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings for SAML Integration :

  • To configure and use miniOrange SAML Broker services, create a business free trial account here.
  • Click here to login to miniOrange admin dashboard.
  • Go to Identity Providers from side menu.
  • Click on Add Identity Source.
  • By default SAML is selected, enter all the required fields and click on SAVE button.

For registering miniOrange as Service Provider following are the endpoint URLs given below:

ACS URL (cloud version)<YOUR_CUSTOMER_KEY>
ACS URL (on-premise version) https:///broker/login/saml/acs/<YOUR_CUSTOMER_KEY>
SP Entity ID

Note: You can go to Integrations -> Custome App Integrations to get your Customer Key