Identity Broker Service

1.3 Advantages of using miniOrange Identity broker service

  • You don’t need to understand complex Single Sign on protocols like SAML, OpenID and OAUTH.
  • You can enable your apps using simple HTTPS calls.
  • You can provide social login to your site without the hassle of understanding how all this works.
  • If you get access tokens from the site of your choice, you can then put custom code and extend that application.

Besides all the advantages listed above, miniOrange identity broker services provides

  • The ability to configure any IdP of your choice including OKTA, PING, RSA, Centrify,
    Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Custom ones.
  • Once you have the identity established with your choice of Identity provider,
    miniOrange allows you to use our 2 factor authentication product on top for the app of your choice.
  • miniOrange also allows you to provide risk based access to your apps so that you can have
    another layer of security based on trusted devices, trusted locations, trusted time of access and even user behavior.