Release Notes

IdP Version 3.3.3

Release Notes
New Features/Integrations –
1. Java Melody Tool for better server monitoring.
2. Azure AD as a standalone Identity OAuth Provider.
3. Configurable SAML Response Validity.
4. LDAP Gateway Improvements.
5. miniOrange Email Domain Verification Improvements.

Improvements/Bug Fixes –
6. Changing your password or email now prompts you to log out of all devices.
7. Fixes for Chrome80 SameSite cookie changes.
8. Clickjacking improvements for Iframe embedding.
9. Discovery Flow: Display configured IdP’s based on the User groups.
10. User Search improvements for SuperAdmin dashboard.
11. IP restriction improvements during SSO flow.
12. miniOrange Gateway Improvement and Fixes.
13. Support for Push Notification in the OnPremise Build ~ IOS.
14. Fixes for customer Admin Password Change via Super Admin Panel.
15. Better handling of new line characters in SMS Template.
16. Payment messaging improvements.