Release Notes

IdP Version 3.3.1

Release Notes
New Features/Integrations –
1. Added Test Configuration for connection with external CAS IDP.
2. Added Import IdP metadata feature for connection with external IDPs.
3. Show attributes returned from AD in the test connection.
4. Added Test Connection feature with external SAML IDP.
5. Public Metadata URLs for miniorange as service provider and identity provider flows.

Improvements/Bug Fixes –
6. Improvements in UI for show metadata page.
7. Simplify Active Directory as a user store configuration with suggested options for search filter.
8. OAuth response claims send groups as a attribute.
9. Fix pagination issue on Identity Providers/User Stores Page
10. Fixes in User provisioning flow – Import users from AD, Google Apps
11. Fixes in Out of Band SMS 2FA Method.
12. Fixes in MFA for VPN usecase for a group policy.
13. Simplify names in Add/Edit Policy Page.
14. Improved add radius app section with option to set login policy in same flow.