Release Notes

IdP Version 3.2.0

Release Notes
New Features/Integrations –
1. Add single sign-on support for Oracle EBS and AWS APN Partner Portal and few more secure browser sso apps.
2. Added quick and easy support form in on-premise idp inside admin portal.
Fixes –
1. Fixed MySQL DB scripts to handle default timestamp values.
2. LDAP Broker : Only attributes that are configured in the Manage App Section should go out as profile attributes in the plugin. Currently, whatever you provide as the username during authentication is being picked up as the NameID attribute.
3. Any 2FA method disabled to be shown to the user shouldn’t be allowed to be set as default
4. Remove alert from user configure 2FA screen: If you want to try out OTP over SMS/Email methods, please setup your SMS/SMTP gateway first from customization menu
5. If branding is set before changing the server URL then logos don’t load as they point to localhost.
6. Fixed sso configuration for browser sso apps when choosing the shared account option.