Release Notes

IdP Version 3.1.0

Release Notes
New Features-
1. Add support for Language-Specific Email Templates.
2. Added support for Language-Specific Custom Attributes.
3. Ability to switch between Assertion Signed and Response Signed.
4. Form Post Apps Single Sign-On – Add support to send different app redirect/access URL for each user.
5. Show user status in export user list from IdP Admin Portal.
6. Added support for Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm for Database as Identity Source for Moodle and Joomla.
7. Login with 2FA from mobile browser flow changes.
8. Show current active license plan details and links to upgrade to the premium plan.
9. Added support for more SAML apps, Browser Extension SSO apps as pre-integrated.


Fixes –
1. Fixes in User Self-service Portal – Password-less apps on user dashboard doesn’t show up.
2. In manage users, when the phone number column is disabled/enabled, phone number always shows if the username is selected.
3. User Self-Service Portal login policies not working with non-default groups.
4. Fix to update user profile attributes along with email/phone by admin.
5. MFA fixes if the username is different than email for windows credential provider usecase.
6. Fix in 2FA Self User-Registration in broker flow after authentication with third-party IDP.

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