Release Notes

Version 1.0.6

Release Notes
New Features-
1. Added support for Idp-Initiated login in identity broker flow.
2. Added support for WordPress as identity source.
3. Added support for configurable Audience URL and Name-ID format for saml client application.
4. Added support for fetching custom attributes in database as identity source.
5. Added support for OAuth Password Grant Flow.

Fixes –
1. Compatibility fix for running on-premise on Ubuntu servers.
2. Fixes for external database as identity source – added branding, audit, session management etc.
3. Security Fix in OAuth flow for Access Token Expiry.
4. Fix in sms transaction check licensing.
5. Fix in google apps provisioning.

Note: This product is already tested on Windows, Centos and Ubuntu platforms. If you are trying on any other platform and face any issues. Please contact us at to help you out.