Release Notes

Version 1.0.5

Release Notes
New Features-
1. Added support for Radius Authentication + 2FA for different VPN clients.
a) PAP Authentication Method.
b) EAP-TLS Authentication Method.
c) OTP with Password and OTP after Password.

2. Added support for 2FA on Remote Desktop Services via RD Web and Remote Desktop Client.
3. Added support for LDAP Proxy.
4. Added support to save saml app config via upload metadata.
5. Added support for User authentication API.
6. Added support for user re-verification after an interval of months for identity re-verification.
7. Added support for showing first-name on user dashboard instead of a username on top navigation section.

Fixes –
1. Fix in session issue for miniOrange as OAuth Server.
2. Fix in custom OAuth providers to support more providers.
3. Fix for bouncy castle cyclic dependency on startup.