Release Notes

IdP Version 1.0.2

After 1.0.1 IdP version, new version 1.0.2 made its mark.  Key features like  support for Database, WS-Fed protocol support , importng users & password sync were an additions made considering users requirement. Some bugs from the previous versions were also fixed.


  1.  Support for Third-Party Database(MySQL,MSSQL) as Authentication Source.
  2.  Support for SSO into any WS-FED Client App using any Identity Provider.
  3.  Support for miniorange as OAuth Server.
  4.  Support for import users from AD/LDAP.
  5.  Support for password sync from miniorange to AD/LDAP.
  6.  Configurable option to specify db location while setting up Iden
    tity Server.


  1. Fix for saml apps to find app authentication policy by issuer and not acs url.