Branding and Customizations

custom branding and customization

This section describes the customization options available for customizing the Login Page, User-Registration Page, Forgot Password Page and User Self-Service Portal/Dashboard.

  • Select Customization >>Branding Configuration>> from the side menu..

  • Modify Organisation Name, Button Color, Background Color, Forget password page heading and Title heading to your liking.
  • Click the Save button to save your setting.

  • For changing Logo and Favicon , Select Logo and Favicon Tab  from the Custom Branding Configuration.

NOTE: Make sure you have set your Organization Name in Basic Settings before saving your settings below.

  • Your Logo should be in .png format with transparent background with maximum file size of 1 MB. Favicon needs to be in .ico format.


  • For Menu Management , Select Menu Management from the Custom Branding Configuration List.
  • Manage the Customer and User menu as per your liking.

  • For changing User Sign Up Field , Select User Sign Up Field from the Custom Branding Configuration List.
  • Choose different Sign Up request field for the User to Login.

  • Example of login page after customizing.

Customize User Self-Service Dashboard –

Navigate to Users -> User Capabilities from admin dashboard. You can enable/disable user capabilities to hide menu items, top header navigation, warning messages, customize apps section header titles, etc.

  1. Show Hidden Apps Icon
  2. Access for Navigation Drop-Down
  3. Setup Two-Factor
  4. Show Alternate Email option in the profile
  5. Enable Internationalization for EndUsers
  6. Allow Reset Password with Phone Number
  7. Dashboard Access
  8. Access their RBA profiles
  9. Show warning Message on welcome page
  10. Show First Name instead of Username
  11. Access to App section
  12. Allow users to change username
  13. Allow access to Configure Cloud Apps
  14. Show Username
  15. Show First Name Last Name instead of Username
  16. Show KBA questions in the profile
  17. Sync Display Token

Detailed UX customization using custom CSS and Javascript-

You can create a custom.css file overriding existing CSS and elements and similarly create custom.js and give it to us. We will upload it against your account.

You can also just share the UX design screenshots with us and we can design the user portal/dashboard UX for you.