Step by Step guide to setup On-Premise IDP

6.10 Re-verification period will start mail Template

This section describes the customization options available for customizing the Re-verification period will start mail Template.

  • Select Customization >> Customize User Email Templates from the side menu.
  • Select Re-verification period will start mail from the Email Template List.

  • Select Set Customized Email Template option.

  • Modify From, Body and Subject fields to your liking.

NOTE: You can use ##user## and ##days## in your Template. The system would dynamically replace the values with username and number of days the user has to re-verify himself ( as set by the admin ).

  • To modify the HTML of the Email Template click on the Source Code button as shown in the screenshot below.

  • You can send a Test Email to test your changes before clicking the Save button to save your settings.