Cloud - Features included in Cloud SSO Product

On-Premise - Features included in On-Premise SSO Product

Features Cloud Vs On-Premise
Single Sign On
Act as SAML IDP,OAuth/OpenID Connect Server Cloud   On-Premise
Support for miniOrange as SAML Service Provider (SP) Cloud   On-Premise
Identity Brokering (Cross - Protocol Support) Cloud   On-Premise
Enable any App as SAML / OAuth / OpenID Connect Client.   On-Premise
Support for Authentication using any External Database / App APIs / AWS Cognito / Radius) Cloud   On-Premise
Support for LDAP / Kerberos Authentication Cloud   On-Premise
Support for JWT Authentication Cloud   On-Premise
API Integration Cloud   On-Premise
Standard and Custom Reports for sso logins Cloud   On-Premise
Integrated windows authentication / Desktop Single Sign - On Cloud   On-Premise
Custom org URLs (e.g. / login) Cloud   On-Premise
Social Login (Support for 30 + social providers) Cloud   On-Premise
WordPress / Drupal / Joomla / Atlassian Crowd as Identity Source Cloud   On-Premise
Admin Dashboard for User / Group Management Cloud   On-Premise
Multi - Protocol Integration Cloud   On-Premise
Built - in standards - based provisioning (SCIM) Cloud   On-Premise
Windows credential provider Cloud   On-Premise
Universal Directory Cloud   On-Premise
Admin Dashboard for managing Apps Cloud   On-Premise
User Provisioning / Deprovisioning Cloud   On-Premise
Form based login Cloud   On-Premise
Secure Web Authentication (Browser - plugin based sso) Cloud   On-Premise
SAML Integrations
Support for SAML Identity Provider(IdP) Cloud   On-Premise
Support for SAML Service Provider(SP) Cloud   On-Premise
Multiple Service Provider (SP) Support Cloud   On-Premise
Service Provider (SP) & Identity Provider (IdP) initiated login Cloud   On-Premise
User Provisioning / Deprovisioning Cloud   On-Premise
Authenticate with external database or APIs Cloud   On-Premise
Multi - Factor Authentication (Support for 15 + authentication methods) Cloud   On-Premise
Radius Authentication Cloud   On-Premise
Integration with third party MFA Providers   On-Premise
Adaptive Risk Based Authentication (RBA) Cloud   On-Premise
Backup Methods Cloud   On-Premise
Advance Blocking (IP Restriction, Country etc.) Cloud   On-Premise
Brute Force & DOS Protection Cloud   On-Premise
Login Security & monitoring Cloud   On-Premise
Ease of Use & Support
Active Customer Support Cloud   On-Premise
End to End Configuration Cloud   On-Premise
Local Language Support Cloud   On-Premise
Support for Customization Cloud   On-Premise