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Custom Branding and Customization

Custom Branding and Customization

miniOrange provides various customization options which allow you to customize your organization branding for your end users. You can customize your Organization Login Page, Logo and Favicon, and User Sign Up Page. This would allow you to modify the way you want your organization page to be seen by your end users. You can also enable/disable the options within Customer Menu and User Menu for your end users as per your liking.

Configuration Steps

1.Customize Organization Login Page

  • Select Customization >> Login and Registration Branding from the side menu.
  • Branding Customization side menu
  • Under the Basic Settings section, modify the Organisation Name, Button Color, Background Color, Login and Forget password page heading and Title heading to your liking.
  • Branding Color Customization
  • Check your Custom URLs and click on save.
  • Custom Organization URLs

    2. Customize Logo and Favicon

  • For changing Logo and Favicon , Select Logo and Favicon Tab from the Custom Branding Configuration.
  • Note:

    Make sure you have set your Organization Name in Basic Settings before saving your settings below.

  • Your Logo should be in .png format with transparent background with maximum file size of 1 MB. Favicon needs to be in .ico format.
  • Branding Customization logo  

    3. Configure Menu Management

  • For Menu Management , Select Menu Management from the Custom Branding Configuration List.
  • Manage the Customer and User menu as per your liking.
  • Branding Customization configuration list

    4. Customize User Sign Up Page

  • For changing User Sign Up Field , Select User Sign Up Field from the Custom Branding Configuration List.
  • Choose different Sign Up request field for the User to Login.
  • Branding Customization sign up field


    To see the option of preferred language on User Self-Registration Page ,Make sure you have enable the option of Enable Internationalization in Product Settings before saving your settings below.

  • Example of login page after customizing.
  • Branding Customization customizing

5. Customize User Capabilities

  • Navigate to Users >> User Capabilities from the admin dashboard. You can enable/disable user capabilities to hide menu items, top header navigation, warning messages, customize apps section header titles, etc.
  • Branding Customization User Capabilities
  • In the Role section, select the End User option. Click on Edit and select the capabilities you want to enable for end-users.
  • Set end-user capabilities
  • Detailed UX customization using custom CSS and Javascript-. You can create a custom.css file overriding existing CSS and elements and similarly create custom.js and give it to us. We will upload it against your account. You can also just share the UX design screenshots with us and we can design the user portal/dashboard UX for you.
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