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B2B Solution

What is miniOrange B2B solution?

miniOrange B2B solution is a highly-available global service that provides identity and access management to external identities and offers your employees and your business partner’s employees a secure, seamless login experience for accessing protected resources. B2B solution allows your partners’ employees to log in with their own business identities, without creating another identity with you. B2B Access Management provides employees self-register for services, login, authenticate, and manage their user profiles, including consent and other preferences.

Why miniOrange B2B solution?

miniOrange B2B IAM solution includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities for secure access and offers federated identity features, such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and User Provisioning. So employees from vendors, partner organizations will only need to authenticate once to access the company’s resources. miniOrange provides SSO support to different authentication standards such as SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect, CAS, Shibboleth, SWA(Secure Web Authentication), and many more. We keep no stone unturned to maintain customer consent and other preferences to comply with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

With B2B IAM in place, no special provisioning is required by IT staff, it quickly updates the user's access from your applications and resources when their roles change. We already support more than 4000+ applications out of the box such as VPN, Microsoft Apps, Google Workspaces, Windows/RDP MFA, and many more with support for newer applications added consistently. Our IDP services will allow you to easily manage security for your environment without compromising the user experience.

Benefits Of Using Single Sign-On (SSO) for B2B Solution

User Provisioning

You can either offer self-serve registration or you can provision partner accounts through the Admin Console.

Enhanced protection

Verify user identity with multiple authentication factors like MFA, IP Restriction, threat detection and password blacklists.

Host your users anywhere

Users hosted in Enterprise Directory like Azure AD, Active Directory, LDAP, Office365, Google Apps or any 3rd party providers using SAML, OAuth, Database, APIs etc.

Secure and Extensible

We will take care of your Security and Privacy terms. With 4000+ applications already and growing, scale up the adaption of applications without any hassle.

Supports Cross Protocol

Integrate Cross Protocol Single Sign On which supports SAML, OAuth, OpenId Connect, JWT, etc.

Security with ease

Use our services without a second thought. Let us worry about the Security and Privacy of your customers.

Client Success Stories: Real Stories, Real Results

SAML 2.0 SSO for Honda’s eMall portal

  • Customer: Honda
  • User Tier: 200 users
  • Use Case: To Perform Single Sign On for Honda’s Interactive Network employee login portal.

SSO using Adobe Captivate Prime as a LMS

  • Customer: Maaco
  • User Tier: 3000 users
  • Use Case: To Perform Single Sign On solution for all users to log into Adobe Captivate Prime seamlessly.

Single Sign On for multiple apps & login portal

  • Customer: Pharmaregs - US Pharmaceutical State License Service
  • User Tier: 350 users
  • Use Case: To Perform centralized single sign-on solution for their own portal as well as other apps.

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B2B Integration Pricing

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User Provisioning

Creation and management of an end user’s objects in relation to accessing resource.

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