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LDAP Gateway

Login to your applications using Active Directory credentials where Active Directory is not publicly accessible.

LDAP Gateway
AD remains protected in your DMZ
Schedule sync between AD and miniOrange
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LDAP User Provisioning and Sync

Syncronize users between LDAP and miniOrange directory.


LDAP User Provisioning and Sync
Import users
Import groups
Auto assign users to groups
Sync passwords
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Windows Credential Provider

Install Windows Credential Provider to enable the Two Factor Authentication to Remote Desktop (RDP) and Windows Desktop Login.

Windows Credential Provider
MFA on Windows Workstations and Windows Servers RDP
MFA for Windows users not connected to the LAN
Support for Offline MFA
Password less Authentication
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Integrated Windows Authentication

Automatic login to your applications using windows credentials on domain joined machine.

Integrated Windows Authentication Module
Automatic Authentication for IWA enabled web apps for valid users
Secure the password and username with IWA Authentication
Single Authentication for multiple applications
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