Auth0 vs miniOrange

Auth0 vs miniOrange

15+ Authentication methods

We support 15+ authentication methods for 2FA along with Adaptive authentication based on device, location and time.

Support Protocol

SSO into all types of applications which support standard protocols like SAML, OAuth/OpenID, JWT including older protocols like CAS, Radius, WSFED.

World Class Support

We provide world-class support and our customers vouch for our support.


We will provide the best price in the industry for SSO solution.

miniOrange Unique Features

SCIM Support

miniOrange provides SCIM support for automating, maintaining and governing identities for web applications. We also provide user management and coordination with directories and Web APIs using API integration.

Location Based Authentication

miniOrange provides the security based on geo location and geo velocity by knowing where the access is getting from risk seeking of ip address range which helps in protection of logging.

Authentication methods

miniOrange provides the 15+ authentication methods which includes OTP out of Band email,Push notifications, Google Authenticator, YUBIKEY hardware token,etc with affordable cost in market.

Standard Protocols

miniOrange supports the standard protocols modern protocols like SAML, OAUTH, OpenID, JWT and also provides support with with other older protocols like RADIUS,CAS etc

Advanced Blocking

miniOrange allows custom block pattern which allows you to you to block; based on different criteria like blocking Ip address on range based, web browser agents (user agents ) and country blocking to stop a threat or unauthorized attacks.

Limitations of Auth0

  1. Free Trial for On-Premise and Cloud IDP

    We provide a trial demo for both Cloud and On-Premise Solutions to have a better experience of all our Identity and Access Management Features. It also includes 30-day trial of our premium featurs to test all your use cases/scenarios.

Complete Support   | Basic Support | No Support

Feature Details miniOrange Auth0
Ease of Use & Support
Installation Quick & Easy Installation  
Support for Customization Provides customize the solution as per requirements  
Active Support Provide dedicated support for every query with quick response  
End to End Configuration Supports Server & client-side configuration  
Local Language Support Login page, User-facing pages, and Email templates can be customized for different local languages  
No User Migration Needed We have such a flexible IdP system where you can enable the SSO for the applications without moving the users from their existing user store.  
Basic Competency
Availability Provides the solution to both Cloud & On-Premise, Also connectors for many platforms/CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.  
(Support for Both On-Prem and Cloud IdP)
Cost-effectiveness Best cost in the market  
Product functionality Product functionality supports market standards    
Single Sign-On
All Standard Protocols Support Support for all modern protocols like SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT including older protocols like CAS, WS-FED, RADIUS for authentication  
Cross-Protocol Brokering Provides support to Connect different platforms which support different protocols  
Third Party IdP Support Integration with third-party Identity Providers  
User Directory Integration Users can authenticate via any user directory like AD/LDAP, any external database like HRMS system, AWS Cognito  
JWT Integration Supports JWT authentication for Login into any mobile app, client-side apps based on js, jquery, react, angular, etc.  
Password Vaulting/Secure Web Authentication We support single sign-on plugins for all popular browsers  
Social Login Integration Number of social login like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. used for authentication    
Windows Single Sign-On Integrated Windows authentication  
External Database Integration Can authenticate via any External Database  
API Integration Can authentication via any app APIs  
User/Group Management
User/Group Provisioning Support On-Demand and scheduled sync on daily basis.  
SCIM support Built-in standards-based provisioning (SCIM)  
User Re-Certification Workflow User needs to verify his identity after an interval of time for authorized access  
SAML Integrations
SP & IdP initiated login Provides both Service Provider and Identity Provider-initiated login for Single Sign-On through SAML  
Multiple SP Support Number of service providers supported  
User Provisioning/ Deprovisioning Create, Manage, & Delete information about users on multiple systems    
Multi-Factor Authentication
Support for 15+ authentication methods Number of factors used for authentication  
Popular Authentication methods support Push, QR Code Scan, Soft Token for iOs and Android  
Integrations with the hardware token Integrations with different hardware token types like Display Token, Yubikey  
Backup Methods - Soft Token, OTP Over Email, Security Questions Alternate login methods / Backup Methods for Two Factor Authentication  
2FA integrations with VPN Clients Support Remote authentication by Radius Protocol  
Windows credential provider log in to Windows using credentials of different types viz, password, OTP, etc.  
Third Party MFA Providers Integration with third-party MFA Providers/apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.  
Offline MFA Provides full MFA security on the computer even in Offline mode.  
App protection Provide the ability to add MFA layer to applications  
System Protection Secure Macs & windows systems with MFA at the OS Level  
User self-enrollment & self-management Users can enroll themselves & manage their account  
Adaptive Authentication
Enforce access based on user’s device, location and time Enforce access based on user’s device, location and time  
Limit which devices can access apps — corporate vs. personally owned Limit which devices can access apps — corporate vs. personally owned  
Control which devices can access apps Control which devices can access apps  
Notifications to users and admins via email and SMS In case of any unusual activity, device limit exceeded.  
Login Security & monitoring Restrict & Track user login activity  
Advanced Blocking Block user through various parameters like IP, Country, etc.  
Brute Force & DOS Protection Delay response or limit login attempts in case of attack  
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