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Add customer via Super Admin Account

Add customer via Super Admin Account

Step 1: Add new Customer Accounts via Super Admin Account

  • Login to your SuperAdmin Account using your branded login URL.
  • You will see screen something like this:

    smtp gateway admin console
  • If you don’t see the above screen, you can goto Customers >> Customer List.
  • Click On Add Customer button.

    smtp gateway add customer
  • Enter the relevant information like Company name, email address, etc.

    smtp gateway add customer details
  • Click Save

Step 2: Search the customers we have added under Super Admin Account

  • Once again, goto Customers >> Customer List. You can search a Customer by his Company name OR Email address OR when his account was created in the system by adding dates in the respective boxes and then click on Search Button.

    smtp gateway search added customer
  • You will be able to see the list of customers. Something like this.

    smtp gateway list of customer details

Step 3: Sending out the Activation Email Or Changing the Password.

  • Once we are done with adding customer accounts, we need to set password for the customer account or send him the Password reset mail.
  • To do so, follow the above steps to search that particular account.
  • Click on the Select option present under Action tab. You will get a dropdown something like this:

    smtp gateway Activation email
  • Suppose you choose the Reset Password option from the list, the customer will receive an email with password reset link through which he can set a new password and start using it.
  • Suppose you chose Change Password, you will be able to set a password for the new customer account. But in this case, the customer will not receive any kind of email. You will have to manually handover the credentials for this account i.e username and password.

Step 4: Email Template Configuration

  • Goto Customization >> Email Template Configuration
  • There, you will see a list of all email templates.
  • All of these templates are customizable. As we need to send out the password reset mails to new customers, we will have to customize the ‘Reset Password Link Mail’ template on priority. Click on the box/tile with the name mentioned above.
  • You will get to see the Email body and all other details.
  • Select ‘Set Customized Email Template’ Option, Once you choose this option, all the text boxes will become editable.
  • Enter the content as you wish, according to your use-case.
  • Click On Save. In order to check whether everything is working properly, you can test it by using the ‘Send Test Email’ option present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Setting up your own SMTP Gateway

  • In order to set up your own SMTP gateway, go to Customization >> Configure you Email Gateway

    smtp gateway configure email
  • Select the ‘Set Organization SMTP Server’ option. Enter all the necessary details and then click on the Save button present at the bottom of the page

    smtp gateway save configuration
  • You can test whether everything is in place or not by entering you email address in the text box present at the bottom of the screen and then click on Test Configuration, you should receive an email

Step 6: Setting up your own SMS Gateway

  • Goto Customization >> Configure your SMS Gateway.
  • Select ‘Set Organization SMS Gateway’ option.
  • Enter the necessary information

    smtp gateway configure sms gateway
  • Click on Save.
  • To Test whether everything is working properly, enter your phone number in the text box present in front of STEP 1. Click on Test Configuration.
  • You will receive an OTP, you need to enter this OTP in the second text box and click on Validate, it will ensure that OTP generation and sending this OTP is working properly.
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