Its On-Premise

Its in your control and is as secure as your network.

Easy to Install

miniOrange Server can be deployed on your system within minutes.

Easy to Use

You can configure sso for any kind of apps whether it supports OAuth2/OpenID Connect/WS-FED or does not support any standard protocols. You can also manage users/groups via proper admin interface in miniOrange Identity server. You can manage all your apps via admin dashboard.

Cross Protocol Support

When a user sso into any app via miniOrange Identity Server, they receive an SSO session for all other apps that rely on miniOrange for login, regardless of protocol. This ensures a seamless SSO experience across SAML and OAuth2/OpenID Connect/ WS-FED applications.

Support for Customization

You can add 2-Factor, Adaptive Risk Authentication (based on device time and location),IP Restriction, and Social Login on top of Single Sign-On easily.

World Class Support

World Class Support You will get access to our world class support team that has an answer for the most difficult single sign on related issue. Our Differentiation lies in applying technical expertise and experience to unique Industry needs and challenges. The team at miniOrange brings extensive experience and expertise in Security Consulting and Product development.


miniOrange Identity Server ( Identity Provider ) provides centralized, simple management and synchronization of identities for users, devices and things. It is highly flexible and therefore able to fit almost any use case and workflow. It is designed as unified platform for all your identity and access management needs combining all features in one. Integrate with any system and enhance capabilities with connectors.

Cloud - Features included in Cloud SSO Product

On-Premise - Features included in On-Premise SSO Product

Features Cloud Vs On-Premise
Single Sign On
Act as SAML IDP,OAuth/OpenID Connect Server Cloud   On-Premise
Support for miniOrange as SAML Service Provider (SP) Cloud   On-Premise
Identity Brokering (Cross - Protocol Support) Cloud   On-Premise
Enable any App as SAML / OAuth / OpenID Connect Client. On-Premise
Support for Authentication using any External Database / App APIs / AWS Cognito / Radius) Cloud   On-Premise
Support for LDAP / Kerberos Authentication Cloud   On-Premise
Support for JWT Authentication Cloud   On-Premise
Support for Third Party Identity Providers (SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect,WS-FED) Cloud   On-Premise
API Integration Cloud   On-Premise
Standard and Custom Reports for sso logins Cloud   On-Premise
Integrated windows authentication / Desktop Single Sign - On Cloud   On-Premise
Custom org URLs (e.g. / login) Cloud   On-Premise
Social Login (Support for 30 + social providers) Cloud   On-Premise
WordPress / Drupal / Joomla / Atlassian Crowd as Identity Source Cloud   On-Premise
Admin Dashboard for User / Group Management Cloud   On-Premise
Multi - Protocol Integration Cloud   On-Premise
Built - in standards - based provisioning (SCIM) Cloud   On-Premise
Windows credential provider Cloud   On-Premise
Universal Directory Cloud   On-Premise
Admin Dashboard for managing Apps Cloud   On-Premise
User Provisioning / Deprovisioning Cloud   On-Premise
Form based login Cloud   On-Premise
Secure Web Authentication (Browser - plugin based sso) Cloud   On-Premise
SAML Integrations
Support for SAML Identity Provider(IdP) Cloud   On-Premise
Support for SAML Service Provider(SP) Cloud   On-Premise
Multiple Service Provider (SP) Support Cloud   On-Premise
Service Provider (SP) & Identity Provider (IdP) initiated login Cloud   On-Premise
User Provisioning / Deprovisioning Cloud   On-Premise
Authenticate with external database or APIs Cloud   On-Premise
Multi - Factor Authentication (Support for 15 + authentication methods) Cloud   On-Premise
Radius Authentication Cloud   On-Premise
Integration with third party MFA Providers   On-Premise
Adaptive Risk Based Authentication (RBA) Cloud   On-Premise
Backup Methods Cloud   On-Premise
Advance Blocking (IP Restriction, Country etc.) Cloud   On-Premise
Brute Force & DOS Protection Cloud   On-Premise
Login Security & monitoring Cloud   On-Premise
Ease of Use & Support
Active Customer Support Cloud   On-Premise
End to End Configuration Cloud   On-Premise
Local Language Support Cloud   On-Premise
Support for Customization Cloud   On-Premise