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Your employees, customers, and partners can seamlessly access and securely connect to our cloud, on-premise, mobile applications, SaaS and APIs. We provide a centralized platform with enhanced capabilities for access management and identity management which fits almost any use case and can integrate with any system.

Single Sign-On

Fully supported Single Sign On platform with ready integrations for all your Web and Mobile Apps

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure user identity with password and an additional layer of authentication (e.g. OTP over SMS/Email/Push)

Directory Services

miniOrange Directory Services supports authentication via any external directory like Active Directory, LDAP, AWS Cognito or any HR Portal without having to migrate your users in miniorange

User Provisioning

Automatic user provisioning, password management and scheduled synchronization of user-data across all directories

Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication uses location, time of access and user behavior to prevent improper data access and secure your company's data

Popular Integrations


Single Sign On

We also support single sign-on into cloud/on-premise/desktop applications which do not support federated sso via Password Vaulting. We have single sign-on browser plugins for all popular browsers.

15+ Authentication Methods

We support 15+ authentication methods for 2FA along with Adaptive authentication based on device, location and time.

Directory Integration

Easily Integrate your existing LDAP/Active Directory in miniOrange to provide users login using their existing credentials and secure access to applications.

Password Policy

We support customize password policies. You can create,define and apply the policies.

Standard Protocols Support

We support single sign-on into all types of applications which support standard protocols like SAML, OAuth/OpenID, JWT including older protocols like CAS, Radius, WSFED

Third Party MFA Integration

We have MFA integration and modules available for popular VPN clients, different windows version, RDP - RDC Client and RDWeb Access, SSH Access

Real-Time Provisioning

It means that disabling a user in any application will directly target miniOrange within a second.

High Performance

Provide the fast,easy and scalable SSO solution.

Cross Protocols Support

When a user sso into any app via miniOrange Identity Server, they receive an SSO session for all other apps that rely on miniOrange for login, regardless of protocol.


We have sso, mfa, windows connectors in many different platforms like Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, etc. which can be used for applications which don't have in-built support for protocol

Centralized Management

Providing a centralized location where IT can automatically manage identities, admin credentials, and secure users access, and where users can simply and securely access their apps.


Provide high scalability and availablity


Easy On-Premise Installation

Install easily and quickly on your domain. Its as secure as your network and deploys fast.

Easy to Use

You can configure sso for any kind of apps whether it supports OAuth2/OpenID Connect/WS-FED or does not support any standard protocols. You can manage all this via admin dashboard.

Flexible IDP

We have such a flexible IdP system where you can enable the SSO for the applications without moving the users from their existing user store.

Support For Customization

You can add 2-Factor, Adaptive Risk Authentication (based on device time and location),IP Restriction, and Social Login on top of Single Sign-On easily.


We provide the best price in the industry for SSO solution.

World Class Support

We provide world-class support and customers vouch for our support.

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